Zhuji Best Choice Magnet & Electron Co., Ltd, founded in 1995, is a hi-tech company. We have rich experience in researching and producing magnetizers and demagnetizers. Designed with serial concept, Bchoice series of magnetizers / demagnetizers have a large variety and a complete specification satisfying to all kinds of customers. There are many series from low  voltage to high voltage with the circulation of one second to forty-five seconds. Bchoicc  magnetizer, with long life and strictly selected material possesses a high rate of property over  price. They are widely used in magnetizing different magnetic materials, motors and  loudspeakers。
     Bchoice serials magnetizers include MC pulse series, MCG high voltage pulse series and  DCL permanent electromagnetic series
     To meet clients' different demands, BCHOICE designs and produces all kinds of
magnetizing coil and fixturer, such as standard solenoid fixtures, complex multi-pole, radial, and  other special arrangements. Due to the forced air or liquid(water or oil) cooling system, the  fixturers' heating problem is avoided so that the magnetizer can work continuously。
    The company is located in the beautiful native place of Xi Shi-Zhuji City of Zhejiang
scenery is attractive and the climate is maid. Your visit will be greatly appreciated。


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